The Batchelder Family

The Bachiler Family, which includes the Sanborns and the Husseys, were among the early settlers of New England, and the founders of Hampton, N.H. (formerly Mass.)

The Bachilers, Sanborns and Husseys arrived in the New World on June 5th, 1632 aboard the William and Frances.

There is some information in some of the old manuscripts that say Mr. Bachiler joined the Hussey’s already settled in Lyn, but this appears not to be true. The Hussey’s arrived with him in the same ship, according to the passenger list.

This misinformation seems to be based on the accounts regarding the first baptisms of children there. More research is needed to know for certain which account is actually correct. At present, the ship’s passenger list seems to carry the most weight.

The good reverend Stephen Bachiler, the earliest generation of our family to come to America (My 10th Great), has turned out to be my favorite ancestor of this era. He was obviously a man who made up his own mind and wasn’t afraid to stand up for his convictions, even when it caused him enormous personal hardship.

Rev. Bachiler is credited with being the founder of Hampton, N.H., and several of our ancestors are also among its founding families.

Rev. Bachiler came up against the prevailing religious authorities everywhere he turned, first in England, and then later in this country. While he was a Puritan, it appears he also was a non-conformist, being able to see the absurdities in some of the actions and beliefs of those calling the shots. He had the courage to speak out against them, and this brought him grief.