Fairy Tales From H. C. Andersen, Illustrated by Dugald Stewart Walker, 1914

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I was pleasantly surprised recently to discover an edition of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen that I had not previously known, illustrated by an artist that was also not previously known to me, named Dugald Stewart Walker. For me, something like this is like Christmas. I tracked down an online version at Archive.org that had reasonably good scans. The first ones I’d run into were on the Wikimedia commons, and were not as good as those on Archive.org.

This edition was published in 1914, during the Golden Age of Illustration, and Walker’s style reflects all the wonderful Art Nouveau flavor that I dearly love, and I’m sure you will as well.

I immediately set out to enhance and repair the scans, and because the selected stories all had a really cool header image done, I felt they were just perfect for the way I display stories on my site. Because of that, I decided to present the stories in this edition along with Walker’s illustrations, in a series,  just as they appear in the book, whether or not I have presented the story elsewhere. The only differences are my enhancements of the images, and the lack of the frontispiece color plate illustration, because I have not, to date, been able to find a copy that was even good enough to enhance.

Each story will have, by way of introduction, some information about the artist or the story. On this introductory page I am including the book cover, the title page, and the table of contents. I hope you enjoy this presentation.